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Cendre Hotel Beijing is located in No. 30 Xiaguangli, Xiaoyun Road, Chaoyang District, and is convenient to the International Exhibition Center, International Trade Center, CCTV and Capital Airport. Restaurants and shopping malls around the world surround it.

Xuan Hotel was created by Taiwanese designer Zhuang Songzhang, the founder of Sculpting Time Cafe, using the most popular industrialized retro style in the world today. The perfect fusion between rustic brick walls and pig iron, a variety of classic industrial furniture and lamps echo each other.

Abandon standard patterned decoration here. Every corner has small surprises intentionally left by the designer.

The Daikin pure-effect filter system in the guest room can remove more than 70% of harmful particles such as pm2.5 and pm10 in the air. The high-quality mattresses and bedding exported to Europe and America give impeccable tranquility and warmth.

The hotel's breakfast is semi-buffet in the English style. Ham, sausage, fried eggs, whole wheat bread, vegetables, fruits and various drinks are available in unlimited quantities, and all are prepared on site.

On the menu matching, the chef intends to provide guests with a healthy breakfast of low salt, low fat, crude fiber, rich in vitamins, and cleverly mix soups and grilled vegetables suitable for the characteristics of Chinese diet.
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FAQs when booking at Cendre Hotel Beijing
  • How far is the hotel from Capital Airport Beijing?

    Cendre Hotel Beijing is 16.4km from the airport.

  • Does Cendre Hotel Beijing offer airport shuttle service?

    No, the hotel does not offer airport shuttle service.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Cendre Hotel Beijing?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is 6:00-12:00 at Cendre Hotel Beijing.

  • Does Cendre Hotel Beijing have a pool or gym?

    No, The hotel has no pool and fitness room. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Cendre Hotel Beijing have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Cendre Hotel Beijing offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Cendre Hotel Beijing accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Cendre Hotel Beijing accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Cendre Hotel Beijing?

    Each costs cny60 for extra breakfast.

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  • sunnysun1110
    Location is not too convenient, everything was very good.
  • jelinwu
    Business travel can be
  • angel1175
    Wedding in nearby, stayed here for one night, front desk service very good, hotel was very clean, very much. hotel in a neighborhood, still relatively easy.
  • andi1974
    1. the location is not very hard to find, this overhaul as sanyuan bridge, traffic became rather inconvenient, and lived through the blackout (first blackout encountered traveling for more than 10 years). 2. to hotels account for not horizontal linkages, put in a shift they see 3. Finally checkout can't swipe, tossing an hour 4. Hotel in the community, often smell the? restaurant into the ditch near the smell of food fermentation overall nice, But energy-saving improvements would be nice
  • James2008
    Hotel not street location, location is make in the take static, is like here of style, service is in place, warm, like front desk received phone of guys, speed tone handle of just good, is comfortable of feel. hotel is 14 of, compared new, room is clean, quilt with towel with with are is assured. just encountered Xia snow has, window of snow, beauty of don't don't of. here to should be home, three in Tun taxi are in 10 Yuan around, is convenient. hotel restaurant also good, isCrooked nuts are eating here. next time you stay in the shop, enjoy!
  • M05153395
    A sense of design, is the room is very small. travel as a destination can also ... but the driver couldn't find the place.
  • E00017757
    With a sense of design, the rooms are clean, comfortable and special offer very cost-effective when recommended
  • afool
    Overall feeling
  • livelygl
    Hotel room was so small, it's worth the price
  • anan569
    Hotel except not too find, other place are too perfect has, in community in, in yihou like Xanadu as, hotel in parking spaces also is more of, overall basic are is Nordic style of decoration, special fine has mood, Manager returned to upgrade has suite, Super big of bathroom, also has independent out of balcony, towel, slippers, wash supplies are is Hotel carefully customized of, shop in of service also special good, very heart, top layer and a floor of yard, are has can friends talk and smallPlaces to meet, after Beijing planned to again live here
  • jenny1000
    Nice, new facilities, newly renovated.
  • interferon
    See has on this hotel of reviews only with parents select has 2 between big balcony of room, room in didn't phone only call machine, has a thing by has call machine, half, breakfast is less. second late hotel said has a birthday party in Garden, said at 9 o'clock end, drag drag goods to 10 points, most late not over 10:30. but 11 points more has also was in Garden in noisy, voice direct room. Finally go has, on heard pulled table finishing of voice continued constantly in earRing. 11:30 never end. absolute bad reviews!
  • Cindyaway
  • applesea
    Room a little small, but overall clean features, friendly, breakfast was very good!
  • csf008
    Nice room with its own characteristics. dining no, eating can be solved to a nearby restaurant ... will have the opportunity to go to live in the brand chain stores.
  • e00710278
    The decoration of the hotel is very beautiful, said reconstruction is very good, unfortunately no equipment!
  • nninn
    Nice environment around eating lots of public transport is also very much like design are the main room was very
  • liuuuuuu
    Like Ah, Ah, Ah! again this oh la la la la la was very delicious-
  • e00091661
    Well, I feel very classy
  • ColinC
    Rooms great, the price is cheaper
  • bmbeyond
    Accommodation very good, room big and clean. Breakfast is Western style, staff very warm, two or three people have been taking care of guests. the first day of the bread are a little hard, very good the next day, so in the end my mother very pleased with. I have not eaten for lunch and dinner. Room only a little problem is that the infra-red control lamp in the bathroom some sensitive, lying on the bed quilt light will turn on, (do not know if I live in a room with these problems), And later closed the bathroom door now ~
  • coverr
    Hotel is a very beautiful of small yard, is front desk slightly explicit not professional, not know is who of errors, clearly scheduled of with bathtub of room, to room in only know and no bathtub! toss half and added 200 block money, only for to with bathtub of value 1300 of luxury room! travel running a week only wants to find a hotel bubble a bath wash to a fatigue! see this luxury of bathroom and can't help but somewhat disappointed! first bathroom of spent sprinkled is bad of only half sprinkler, mobile spent sprinkled cannot adjustableSection angle! bath Shi half water again wash wall surface! bathtub in of water Halter open pour hottest is warm water! last finally bubble Shang bath has lamp suddenly out has! because bathroom was is Induction lamp! girls in bathroom in toss several hours is normal's! spent so more money decoration of room you also deficiency this electricity well? on good hotel of requirements just wash a comfortable of bath, meimei sleep a sleep! second days morning opened curtains big landing window of Sun sprinkled came in mood good has some! unfortunately I just passing liveOne night, Sun terrace, garden and my business!
  • cm0724
    Very delicate, it is also more convenient
  • Advicer
    Newly renovated, the taste.
  • lovejjbaby
    Really love this tune hotel, small but exquisite. just because the visa time is not much, unfortunately. next time you have the opportunity to visit;)
  • e04751250
    Nice very clean, location or recommend
  • liuvivi
    Was lucky of upgrade to balcony apartments suite, is unlimited surprise and better of once Brigade bed and breakfasts. hotel of features without repeat, predecessors comments has detailed depicting from room layout to whole hotel of unique beauty. even didn't was rose suite also will is appreciate this copies ingenuity. most like it in simple in the distributed of art temperament, details in the reflected of rustic luxury, anyway provides has equal price Hotel cannot comparable of unique enjoy. also is praise they not unified provides free one-time health supplies, bodyNow has environmental of social sense. like of things too more, also must will again to and recommended friends to live. as constructive of recommends; may sent toothbrush modified into sale senior is for repeatedly using of style, than sent brush up off many hair of one-time toothbrush more environmental. believes need toothbrush of guest, not mind for himself of negligence pay money buy handle toothbrush, and can brush have clean assured. even can sale travel loaded of laundry liquid, convenient and environmental. also has breakfast drink juice ofCup occasionally seems somewhat odor, probably day tap water water of relationship, pretty effect juice taste of. may wash Cup last for filter water Shabu about compared insurance. completely not fastidious, for really love only willing to help this hotel do have more perfect, not was others criticized. again thanks created and business this hotel of team provides has so cute wonderful of Brigade bed and breakfasts environment. thanks. refueling!
  • e02263414
    Breakfast was very good!
  • bs0243
    Mouthwash, comb again and again, call buttons to stay in the room, a couple of times and no one spoke to. bathroom hair better, improve it!
  • aderson
    A word great! accidentally found this characteristic hotel. next time I go to Beijing and then to feel the ... favorite is the window of the hotel that fallen leaves?. Very pleasant feeling. most regretful time too quickly, do not enjoy.
  • yangyong_5
    The bed and pillows very comfortable, details are great, can see the store, decided to stay in Beijing, 280 to win the day's special room, surprise, arriving very late, great service. more anxious the next day, if there's time, we should stay and eat breakfast and then go, looks good for breakfast.
  • liuwei_xc
    Newly opened.. the inner great.
  • djlsyt
    Industrial wind design is modern and simple, like, in a community where the entrance, bus is very much around, is far from the subway pretty. and then breakfast is also bad.
  • e00042371
    The room a sense of design
  • dddds
    Pretty awesome! room petty bourgeoisie, atmosphere, clean and free upgrade to a suite,
  • faming_217
    Nice, next time you will go to, lots better
  • tonypaulen
    Hotel shower gel without the! air conditioning has a great voice!
  • gabybree
    Selected here, very carefully read each article before reviews response. do people reply to communicate with people, great! I also screen shot I prior to the landlord! (I've been doing 10 years in hotel front office.) have seen many hotel, stayed at several hotels, bits and pieces here are like! problem if you must say something, I think if there is room card will be better, because temporary stay is really easy to forget which room, minibar charges isVery reasonable, but drinks bills placement is a bit hidden. There is also Hotel bedding, cotton goods, toiletries, known as hotel is not really and I live a little! great great! hold time and hurried order, little hotel must be booked in advance will be more favorable, of course I was also lucky to be upgraded to a suite ... ... Everything was perfect, absolutely recommended. (Looking forward to reply my reviews)
  • Leo5000819
    Nice hotel, facilities very good, wireless networks are too poor, the shampoo in the bathroom was empty, service personnel also need to strengthen the professional training, or sorry for the price
  • everstarbj
    Very special, very clean, it is recommended
  • cindycp73
    Not bad!
  • linxi_1987
    Nice hardware is also very good, is to catch up with Beijing heavy snow? out of hot water a little drunk
  • d01955541
    More stunning than the room five-star hotel that is more clean and occasionally live just fine
  • lws_amulet
    Happy to got upgraded to a deluxe room, hotel is very unique, very clean, belonging to the naozhongqujing place. snacks around are many, from the United States, Korea visa section very close!
  • foxdulei
    Hotel is located well, Nice. service attitude is good.
  • alcius
    Very special nice much better than live a few days ago a four star service attitude is also very good
  • e00023824
    Hotel is very satisfied with health services are in place, hotel, small and exquisite, lovely quiet. foreign flavor
  • ddr92928
    Small room poor
  • summerfly_pan
  • ls0728
    For the son, he loved it.